Automate Difficult Data Analysis​

The first analytics platform that gives clear, actionable insights with zero querying

“Why did revenue drop this week?”

This simple question is often the source of dread for data analyst teams. It means a week of urgent analysis on top of a massive backlog.

Why is getting answers so hard?

Getting simple answers is like finding a needle in a haystack

There are hundreds of segments and metrics to analyze, and only a few hold answers.

Was it a marketing change? An A/B test? The latest release? A bug? Maybe it’s just seasonal? 

Time to go eyeball every dashboard on Tableau, ask around each department for ideas, randomly segment data in Amplitude to try find some correlation…

Stop Wasting your Time

Get actionable insights instantly

Comparative tells you exactly what's changed, and which users are affected

Understand exactly what caused the change, which users were affected by it, and what other metrics changed as a result.

We're redefining how people use data

...and we're hiring!

Join of our team of inventors and builders. We’re hiring data scientist, engineers, web developers, and more. 

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Why you should join us

We're well funded

We recently closed $5mm in seed funding to help scale with far less of the financial risk you typically get from traditional early stage startups.

Building something totally new

There is nothing like Comparative on the market: using the product, you can instantly do what would take a data analyst a month of work using Amplitude or Tableau, and do so much more accurately. We have already deployed to our first customer.

And remote-first

You choose your own office – your home, a coffee shop, a beach. When Covid is over, we’ll find ways to get together through quarterly off-sites and in flexible spaces in our hub cities.

Who We Are

We are an
Inseparable Team

We put each other first, take care of each other, and trust each other

We are
Crazy Inventors

We reason from first principles and have wonderful arguments

We are
Prolific Builders

We are constantly shipping simple, useful tools

We are
Customer Obsessed

We love our customers and stop at nothing to make them say “wow”

We are
Life Long Learners

We fail fast and often – each time is an opportunity to learn and become better

Why do we have values?

We care deeply about the team we are building and have strong opinions about how we do things.

Proven, highly technical leadership

Sasha MacKinnon
Founder & CEO

Sash has a deep technical background in software engineering and data science, and has scaled Mino Games to tens of millions in revenue and 80+ employees.

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Josh Buckley

Josh has raised over $200mm across multiple solo investment funds, is acting CEO of Product Hunt, and currently sits on the board of a number of high profile startups.

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Shane Sareli

Shane was one of the founding product managers at Zynga and has built and run multiple 100 person plus studios.

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Darren Pegg

Darren has over 30 years experience shipping low level technical products –graphics systems, databases, game engines, and more.

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